Newsweek 4/20 Feature

Baked Goodes was featured alongside VICELANDComedy CentralSouth Park and Snoop Dogg’s “Grow House” Movie as part of an article about the best marijuana content to watch this 4/20.

Decider – Baked Goodes Review

Decider reviewed Baked Goodes in their weekly Afternoon Delight column – a special feature of the best piece of content to watch that week!

Jane Street Journal Interview

Caryn and Anna of the Baked Goodes team, sat down to do an interview with Madison of Jane Street Journal to discuss the show, in terms of its relationship to weed culture and women in the entertainment industry.

Loud Bank – Baked Goodes Interview

Loud Bank interviewed Erin Dooley about what it was like to work on Baked Goodes!

Reel Chicago – Baked Goodes Article

Reel Chicago, a publication focused on Chicago-based filmmakers, wrote about Baked Goodes and interviewed members of the Baked Goodes team, 3 of which are from the windy city!

Indie Activity – Baked Goodes Feature

Indie Activity focuses on the best content coming out of indie creators. Baked Goodes was featured in the site’s Web Series section! – Baked Goodes Interview

Mackenzie Horras and Anna Mehle of the Baked Goodes team sat down with Arthur Glover of to talk about what it was like to make a low-budget series, creating weed-themed content and working in the industry.

Selling Your Screenplay – Baked Goodes Episode 

Anna and Molly of the Baked Goodes team met with Ashley Scott Meyers of Selling Your Screenplay and went over the ins and outs of writing/producing/directing a 13 episode web series, with a total script length of a feature film, all in 6 days and with no budget.

The Other 50% – Baked Goodes Episode

The Baked Goodes team sat down with Julie Harris Walker of The Other 50% – Herstory of Hollywood to talk about how Baked Goodes came to be, how the series supports women and what it’s like to work with a group of women you barely know.