101 Pilot

Cousins Angela and Julie Goode can’t manage to sell their yummy baked treats at the Farmer’s Market. So their old school stoner neighbor Jan takes them on a field trip to a Grow House to add a little flavor (read: marijuana) to their recipes. 

102 The Landlord's Daughter

The Landlord’s Daughter shows up at the cousins’ apartment unannounced with a list of complaints. Their unlicensed business operating out of their kitchen could get them evicted. Will the Landlord’s Daughter agree to look the other way in exchange for some free edibles?

103 Hipster Heaven

Still struggling to get their new business plan off the ground, the cousins decide to cater to the Hipsters. But in their efforts to sell their new quirky, kitschy goods to a cooler crowd, the girls attract some unexpected new customers… soccer moms!

104 Surprise Visit

Grandpa and Grandma show up announced and discover the girls’ newest pot product. The family affair turns to chaos when the girls’ moms call via Skype, Grandpa gets stoned, and Angela’s latest boy toy finds himself in the middle of a family emergency!

105 420 Frenzy

An A-lister’s assistant recruits the Goodes to bake for a swanky 420 party. A thousand brownies later, they show up with boxes of edibles a week too early. But hey! At least Seth Rogen ate one of their brownies!

106 Isolated Incidents

Hustling to fulfill an order for the Landlord’s Daughter, someone even scarier shows up at the cousins’ door. Jillium Peoplecorn claims to be a new tenant and threatens to expose whatever illegal activities the girls are doing. Julie and Angela are forced to spend the evening locked in and terrified of the rabid Jillium.

107 Hellfire and Brimstoned

Julie misses church and subsequently questions all the terrible events that happen that day. Is God punishing her for selling pot cupcakes? A fire at the Church and a stoned Pastor Todd make Julie wonder if God has more important things to smite than missing Sunday mass.

108 Knitting Club

Without Angela to entertain her, Julie starts a knitting club for people more her speed: soccer moms, grannies, basically anyone who would respond to an ad on a library bulletin board.  Unfortunately, they seem more interested in her edibles than bonding. Soon Julie’s Knitting Club becomes the hottest ticket in town but is everyone there for the right reason?

109 Let's Get Baked and Bake

Inspired by a YouTube stoner’s subpar baking channel, Julie makes her own cooking video promoting organic and innovative recipes. Or was it all a pot-induced fever dream?

110 Spice Up Your Life

A neighboring booth at the Farmer’s Market starts selling a dangerous substance: Spice. After a harrowing tale of Jan’s internet stalker OD’ing on Spice, the gang conspires to kick out the eccentric couple.

111 Work Hard, Play Hard-To-Get

Desperate for money with a big order looming, Julie cancels a date with her Not Boyfriend Boyfriend to bake. When a misunderstanding causes Julie’s jealousy to kick in, she turns to the bottle and accidentally burns down the kitchen.

112 The Competition is Hot

The gang enters an Edibles Competition in the hopes of winning a Williams Sonoma gift card.  However, they soon learn that not only is their biggest competitor threatening to take their business, they’re also HOT SWEDES! Will the girls focus up and win the competition, or let boys take it from them?

113 Birthdazed and Confused

Still unsure about her feelings toward Not Boyfriend Boyfriend, Julie agrees to having a special birthday dinner with him. She practices “living in the moment” and it actually feels pretty nice.  Angela has a real, meaningful connection outside the bedroom for the first time.  And Jan finally gets a tiny hammock for her beloved lizard.